Signature Destinations

These lodges carry our total endorsement, promise of satisfaction, and iron-clad guarantee the quality of accommodations, experience, and angling is going to be exactly as advertised. They're represented exclusively by The Fly Shop and our network of travel agencies and fly shops.
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Saltwater Lodges & Camps

Though oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth's surface, saltwater occupies a very small percentage of the attention of the world of fly fishing. Still, flats fishing is the fastest growing segment of the sport, and a wonderful way to both expand your fly fishing season and angling horizon.
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freshwater lodges & camps

From the remote, hard-core, Kamchatka and Alaska bush camps to our luxurious Tierra del Fuego sea trout lodges, all these world-class fly fishing experiences share common threads that extend beyond great angling. Search our site by lodge name.
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Lodges by species

Decades ago we recognized the demand for species specific fishing, and have been working hard to match our clients to the ideal fishing destination, matching the fish to their angling desires. Find the perfect lodge for the species you want to pursue.
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Lodges by region

One of the wonderful things about fly fishing is that there is always somewhere new to fish. Whether you are just getting started in fly fishing travel, or have pursued a variety of species around the globe, The Fly Shop® has a destination for you!
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Lodges & Camps

alphabetical Listings by name

This is a complete portfolio of what The Fly Shop's expert travel staff feels are the top fresh and saltwater fly fishing lodges and camps on five continents. We've visited every one to ensure they meet our standards and will meet your expectations.
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